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説明:Lets be honest a lot of artists BS with a lot of conceptual big words when given the task to write an artist statement.

I have begun a diary, for the new series I’m working on, to help myself understand my work. I will write in it each time I begin or end a painting session, documenting my thoughts, moods and actions throughout the whole piece.
I am completely immersed in my own realm when I create, and when I’m doing it theres so much more meaning than a simple visual, but trying to remember or find the words to explain it a month later when you’re no longer in that magical moment, the meaning has been edited and less authentic.

These diary entires are to hold myself accountable for creating and accompanying my paintings with a statement that is an authentic effort to translate the meditative yet vacuous state of creating.


制作者:Juzpop Creations


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